Covid19 is still prevalent and with new strains such as the Omicron variant coming to the forefront, it is important that I ensure myself and all who attend my classes or 121 services are kept safe. This document is intended to provide reassurance that every possible measure has been considered to reduce the possibility of transference of Covid19.

** This protocol is subject to change at short notice in accordance with local conditions and government guidance. **

The following protocols for all Calmer Companions classes (Puppy School, Puppy School Plus, SuperPup) will remain in place until further notice following the government’s announcements on the 8th of December 2021.

Anyone not adhering to these measures will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund; these measures form part of our terms and conditions.

A full risk assessment has been carried out to ensure my classes adhere to safe guidelines and are Covid19 secure.

The following protocol is based on guidance from the government, the CFSG and Puppy School Head quarters.

What to expect from our Socially Distanced Courses:

Classes will be run under the following conditions:

1)      Due to space within my venues, attendee numbers will be limited to 2 people per puppy.  If the second person in attendance is a child, this child must be aged 5+ years and must be supervised by the accompanying adult at all times.

2)     All attendees to Calmer Companions classes (above age 11) must wear a face mask for the duration of each class unless you are medically exempt (proof of exemption will be required). Please spend time getting your puppy/dog used to seeing people in masks (the following video will help you with this process Please feel free to bring additional PPE e.g. gloves if you’d like to. Your Trainer will wear a face visor rather than a mask throughout class to assist with clarity of voice.

3)      To keep as safe as possible, there are some changes to the usual training programme and therefore any exercises which would normally facilitate close interaction with other people or puppies have been adapted.  Puppies/dogs will not be permitted to be off lead at any point or to play with each other during the training sessions unless we can ensure there is no risk of a transfer of the virus. 

4)      You will be advised where to sit on arrival, please do not change seat position each week unless requested by your Trainer.  Each puppy/dog will have a specified work area and must remain within that unless otherwise directed by your Trainer.

5)      Your Trainer will only come into contact with your puppy/dog when demonstrating each exercise (following the Demonstration Protocol below).  Your Trainer will sanitise their hands before and after each demonstration.  If anyone prefers their puppy/dog not be involved in demonstrations, please advise your Trainer at the beginning of class and at any time afterwards.

6)      Your Trainer will use their own treats for demonstrating exercises but please ensure you have enough high value treats (e.g. chicken, cheese or hot dog sausage) for your puppy as sharing of treats by your Trainer or other attendees may not be permitted. 

7)      Unfortunately, your Trainer is unable to share equipment between clients.  For this reason you will need to bring your own items with you (please see the Kit List below).  If you do not have the items with you, I’m afraid this may mean you’ll not be able to practice that particular exercise during the class.

8)   Those experiencing Covid19 symptoms, which include those listed below, should not attend the class in any capacity:

  1. High temperature
  2. A new, continuous cough
  3. A loss or change to your sense of taste or smell

9)   Individuals who are self-isolating due to a possible or confirmed case of Covid19 should not attend class. 

10)   If you develop symptoms within 48 hours of attending a class please contact Calmer Companions immediately to let us know so we can make other attendees aware.  You must then self isolate according to government guidance. 

11)   Prior to your arrival at the venue, all main touch points will have been cleaned by the previous occupants and by your Trainer.

12)   The toileting facilities on site will be available throughout the training classes but be aware that these may be available to other venue users as well.

13)   On arrival at the venue please respect other peoples’ space and always maintain a safe distance from them whilst on the grounds of the venue (inside and outside).  Please be respectful of this whilst you are waiting to enter the hall itself.

14)   There will be a one-way system in operation (Mickleover & Anslow) with different doors being used for entry and exit.  Please wait to be called in and use the designated entrance door keeping a safe distance from others.  Doors will be propped open prior to your arrival to prevent the need for you to touch them.  Your Trainer will close the doors before class commences.

15)   Hand sanitiser will be provided and must be used on arrival and departure from the hall.  The hand sanitiser may be used at any other point during the class as you so wish. 

16)   At the end of the class, your Trainer will open the exit door and direct you to it individually to ensure safe distance is maintained. 

17)   If at any point an attendee’s behaviour is deemed to be putting others at risk, they will be asked to leave the session without a refund. 

18)   If at any point the venue becomes unavailable e.g. due to a case of Coronavirus on site, the local area is placed back in lockdown or your trainer has to self isolate, classes will take place online until it is safe to return to avoid limited disruption to your course.  Refunds will not be issued if you do not want to continue via this format.

19)   Refunds will not be offered for missed weeks or if you are unable to complete the course.

Demonstration Protocol:

1)      Trainer to sanitise hands

2)      Trainer to retrieve puppy/dog from owner

3)      Trainer to return puppy to owner after demonstration

4)      Trainer to sanitise hands

Kit List:

Unfortunately, we are unable to share equipment between clients.  For this reason, we request that you read the following list carefully and ensure that you bring all items to each of your training sessions. 

These items are in addition to the items that you have been advised to bring within your Puppy School Training Manual or SuperPup Pre Course Information Sheet/Handouts/Email.

If you do not have the items with you, we are afraid this may mean you’ll not be able to practice that particular exercise during the class.

The following items will ensure you and your puppy/dog are comfortable throughout the class and that your puppy is motivated to learn.

For your puppy/dog:

  • Suitably fitting flat collar and/or harness
  • Standard length clip lead (2m approx.)
  • Selection of treats (plenty) including:

Low value e.g. dry kibble

Medium value e.g. Schmackos/Bonios

High value e.g. chicken, cheese or hot dog sausage

  • Favourite toys (tuggy toy preferably but no squeaky toys or balls)
  • Chew item e.g. tasty stuffed Kong, pizzle stick, beef hide
  • Blanket/bed (for puppy/dog to settle on)
  • Water bowl and water (there will be no communal water bowl available)
  • Poo bags

For you:

  • Face mask (unless exempt)
  • Disposable gloves (optional)
  • Hand sanitiser (optional)