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Business Owner, Head Trainer & Behaviourist

Hi! I’m Emma, I am an Animal Behaviour and Training Council registered Animal Training Instructor, a Kids Around Dogs approved trainer, Puppy School qualified trainer and as a behaviourist  with both a BSc (hons) and MSc in Animal Behaviour, I am a pre-certified clinical animal behaviourist with the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour and a candidate member with the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinician’s. I am also a busy mum to my son Sebastian, daughter Evelyn and our beautiful Hungarian Vizsla Bodhi who joined our family as an 8 week old puppy (so I know all the ups and downs that come with puppyhood and juggling family life!). 

Being a young, busy family with a dog and the juggle that running a family home can entail is something I can whole heartedly relate to.  I have always been around animals having started my career at 16 when I attended a local agricultural college to learn everything I could about animals, from caring for them, training them to simply being able to spend more time observing them. In particular, being around dogs and learning about their behaviour was my passion. Working with animals was a path I always new I wanted to take and from a young age, I also knew I wanted to be a mum one day. Combining my love of dogs and natural desire to help young families is what I love doing. I am passionate about creating positive and safe relationships between dogs, families and children through positive, ethical and force free methods.

My areas of expertise are; raising a new puppy, educating young families about kids and dogs, including helping children overcome their fear of dogs. I also work with therapy dogs that go into schools and hospitals through the amazing work of our partnership with local charity Sam’s SuperHeroes.  

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I’m Cat and I’ve been learning about dogs since I was 5 years old.  To this day I still have the over thumbed breed directory where I read cover to cover on every breeds temperaments, likes and dislikes.

I’m lucky enough to own two dogs, Mavis was an 18 month old abandoned Siberian husky when she came into my life from Dogs Trust and that is where my steep learning curve started.  A beautiful breed that is heavily misunderstood providing all the needs for her, physically and mentally became such a joy. She was followed a few years later by emaciated, nervous Yuki at the older age of 5 years.  A busy lifestyle whilst having two high energy dogs was where I learnt further on how to use training to support my dogs happiness and wellbeing to become the trainer I am today.

Throughout my dog ownership years I excelled my knowledge base through extensive CPD learning including Sarah Whitehead training, Puppy School and being multi certified canicross trainer.  I also have certifications from Natures Menu dog food and Galen Myotherapy.  Knowing that all the hard work that I put into my education and training has meant I can provide the most modern, kindest, effective and scientifically proven dog training available.

I am constantly looking to improve my dog training skills, so I regularly attend training courses, workshops and seminars held by leading animal scientists and world expert dog trainers. I am also proud to say I have volunteered for five years at the RSPCA, working in the intake kennels and a further three years with a sled dog charity.


Assistant Puppy School Tutor


“Emma was knowledgeable and made the whole experience really fun!”

Hannah & Fudge

“Emma has a wonderful calm and confident approach.”

Caroline & Bruno

“Emma was fantastic, we learnt so much and she really got the children involved with training our puppy too, they even said they are going to miss puppy classes”

Carmen & Nala

“I will be eternally grateful to Emma for all her amazing support …. She made my two children feel included and valued during the lessons too.”

Sarah & Martha

“The course is completely inclusive; we have 3 children, and it was great for them to be involved with the training too.”

Laura & Dougie