Our Dog Training Services...

Puppy School Classes

Six week course

For fully vaccinated puppies up to 20 weeks of age at the start of the course

Reward-based, science led training

Family friendly, inclusive and highly experienced puppy specialists

Classes held across Derby, Burton and SwadlincoteF

Super Pup Junior Classes

A super fun six week course 

Vaccinated puppies and adolescent dogs over the age of 5 months can attend

Our training is reward-based,  science-led training

Aimed to inject fun into your training, from scent work, to speedy recall games. Everything you need to help develop your young dogs skills!

Family friendly, inclusive and highly experienced trainers

Classes held in our Burton venue

Kids Around Dogs

Emma is a qualified trainer with the award winning association  Kids Around Dogs  and helps children to overcome their fear of dogs using the only programme of its kind in the UK. 

Using cognitive behavioural techniques Emma will help your child explore their feelings about dogs. Using her vast knowledge on dog body language she will help your child to understand and learn more about the dogs they see around them in every day life.

We will use body language exercises and homework to help them expand their knowledge and give them confidence. Teaching them how to keep safe in circumstances they usually would worry about. 

Puppy & Dog 121 

Training and Behaviour Sessions

Puppy Prep & Welcome Home Puppy Sessions to help you on your way.
We have packages to help you on your training journey, whether that be with your puppy or older dog. We are there to support you on your journey.
Have a young family and new puppy or a dog that struggles with interactions? We specialise in family dog training and can help you, to help your children interact safely and respect your dogs needs, while keeping it fun for everyone! 
Advice sessions are offered for expectant parents living with dogs as well as those that have just welcomed a new human addition to the family, whether that be a baby, toddler or older adoptive/foster child.
We can assess dogs suitability as therapy dogs or on behalf of adoption or foster agencies. 
Behavioural support packages to tackle more complicated problems that will need to be referred from a vet (anxiety/fear/aggression etc). Contact us for more details on whether we can help you. 

” Emma is so calm and patient and has a natural affinity to all dogs. I would highly recommend” 

Melanie & Bertie