Kids Around Dogs Program  

Here to help your child to overcome their fears/anxieties and become more confident and comfortable around dogs. 

Is your child scared of a family dog? 

Maybe you’ve considered welcoming a pet dog into the home but your children are scared?

Does your child struggle to be around dogs when you are on the park?


Kids Around Dogs (KAD) is a national network of approved trainers who have been hand picked to deliver the KAD training protocol to families and children who need support to live safely with, or be comfortable around dogs. 

The program is suitable for children from the age of 4 to 10 years of age and have been designed to help children understand about dog body language, know how to interact with both familiar and unfamiliar dogs, and how to stay safe around them.

How does it work? 

Sometimes our mind may condition us to think that dogs are scary and we need to fear them. We use Cognitive Behavioural Technique to change negative thoughts about dogs into positive ones., by looking at body language; personality and things that dogs have in common with humans.

This is a 10 Session program split as follows

7 x weekly online sessions, each lasting approximately 20 minutes

3 x face-to-face sessions where a dog will be present, lasting approximately 20 minutes 

A parent/guardian will need to be present during all sessions to support their child through the program and the weekly games that we will set.

Your child will be awarded a certificate and badge once they complete the program. 

We work with the individual child and are guided by his or her needs and choices. Children are never pressured into doing anything they do not feel comfortable with. 

I use Positive Reinforcement techniques. Children get rewarded for completing tasks and games after each session. 

Our in person sessions are carried out with pre-assessed dogs that I have personally chosen for this work. 

I am DBS checked and insured for your peace of mind.

Cost £270

Please click here to get in touch for a free chat or to book your place on the program.  

A Success story
Feedback from the mum of an 8 year old boy who was scared of dogs. Emma worked with this family and this feedback was after week 4.
“My son has listened and taken your advice! 
We were out at the park at the weekend and walking back along the footpath, we’d encountered some dogs on leads already and my son had coped well with this. He’d moved to the other side of me so I was in between him and the dog but then, although aware,  he had generally carried on as normal which I was pleased with.
I’d noticed a Dalmatian coming towards us off the lead and the owners quite a distance behind. I was hoping that the dog wouldn’t pay us any attention but prepared for my son getting very distressed and running off. As you know he’s ran in to the road twice previously because of coming close to dogs on leads. 
The Dalmatian wanted to come and say hello and I was just about to grab my son and cuddle him in close when I noticed he was doing the tree pose and looking away. He found the encounter difficult but it was over in seconds with no running off, no dog chasing behind and although he was a bit teary at the time he was so proud of himself after. And me too, he was great and actually surprised me a bit with how far he’s come.”