Puppy Classes in Derby, Burton & Swadlincote

Reward based, fun, effective, and inclusive puppy training for the whole family.

I have been helping puppies and their families for over a decade. More specifically, my proven Puppy training classes have helped hundreds of puppies and their families navigate their way from puppyhood to adolescence. Join a class today and your puppy can achieve the foundational skills required to become a happy, calmer and well-mannered dog.

*If you require a private training session, in your home, then please contact me.

Puppy School

For fully vaccinated puppies up to 20 weeks of age on the start date (according to D.O.B)

SIX weeks of tuition (1hr p/w)

Small class sizes (Max 6)

Kind, effective methods

Fun for all the family

A highly qualified tutor 

Course Content

  • Socialisation with adults, children, and other puppies
  • Come when called
  • Not to bite hands or feet and what they should do instead
  • Greeting people appropriately without jumping up
  • Sit, lie down and stand
  • Learning to walk on a loose lead without pulling
  • To get used to being handled and examined for vets and groomers
  • ‘Stay’
  • ‘Settle’ calmly
  • Taking food from hands gently without snatching
  • Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chew

Our Venues

Venue: Mickleover Memorial Hall (Mickleover, Derby)

When: Wednesday evenings

Venue: Anslow Village Hall (Anslow, Burton)

When: Monday evenings

Venue: The Old Post Centre (Newhall, Swadlincote)
When: Thursday evenings

When you click on the booking link select the venue you would like and scroll down to the available dates. I have classes running six weekly, so dates are always updated.

Puppy School is proudly sponsored by Natures Menu and Natures Variety.  Quality ingredients full of natural goodness. Every puppy that enrols on to our Puppy School (and Puppy School Plus) course will receive:

£15 OFF Natures Menu/Variety voucher
6 weeks of tuition in our weekly classes
A Puppy School Training Manual with everything you need to support you at home and a packet of Natures Menu treats
A Rosette, another packet of Natures Menu treats and certificate upon completion

Puppy School is a network of UK nationwide tutors committed to helping owners navigate the challenges of puppyhood. Founded by renowned behaviourist and author Gwen Bailey in 2003.

We as tutors take part in extensive training to the highest standard in the industry and are regularly monitored to ensure best practises are maintained. I am proud to be part of a supportive network that puts puppy development and safeguarding at the heart of everything it does.